Stylish older men's haircuts


There are many ways to style black men’s hair. They can choose to go for natural, ‘fro, dreads,  long, short, shaved, tapered and many more. If you have been contemplating on changing your haircut, you would find this list very helpful. We know how hard and daunting it is to find the perfect haircut especially if you have been used to sporting a long or short hair cut. Here we have listed and divided the best black men haircuts from short to long. Do not just standout with your hairstyle this fall, nail the best look for your all year round.

Short Black Men Haircuts

1. Box Fade Cut

You can go with this natural black hairstyle with and 80s flair. Bring back the 80s and 90s look with this fashion-forward hairstyle for black men. A good moisturizer applied to the hair while brushing its sides up.

2. Mini Afro

Requires little commitment on hair care but shows off the best texture of any curly hair. Apply conditioner and gel from roots to tips.

3. Low Tapered Afro

This haircut is best for black men who want to grow a longer hair but still want to look good in between. Little maintenance is needed for this.

4. Low Side Parted Taper

This dapper haircut is still trendy that has clean edges and deep side parts. Men who are not afraid to stand out tries this haircut.

5. Long Tight Taper

This is a very flexible haircut that can look hot and professional. This can be styled easily by curling the hair with hands.

6. Wavy Fade

The hairstyle can be styled with a generous amount of gel in the hair while following the natural curls and staying on the crown of the head.

7. Tapered Afro

Tapered Afro black men hair designs

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This haircut is best for men who love longer hair length without needing to put too much effort in styling.

8. Straight Brushed Up

Who said black men cannot enjoy the looks of straight hair. This is perfect for men who want to try new styles.

9. Short and Curly

Another simple yet hip and stylish haircut. It is also easy to style and needs lesser attention in styling. The hair can be styled with gel and cream.

10. Defined Wave Cut

This defined wave cut has been a classic and professional hairstyle for men. It can be styled by applying a small amount of pomade to the hair. Then, use a boar bristle brush to achieve the gorgeous style.

11. Clean Short Haircut

This is the most flexible hairstyle for all face shapes which can easily be styled and maintained with hair moisturizer or coconut oil.

12. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut black men hairstyle guide

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For men who are too busy to style the hair but needs to be presentable at all times, the buzz cut is your perfect option. It does not require any styling.

13. Pompadour

Another awesome and classic hairstyle for black men is the pompadour. Apply a generous amount of pomade to the hair and use a brush to bring the hair up going to the sides.

14. Polished Fade

With the short length of this hairstyle, it can easily look good on anybody’s face. Just apply some coconut butter and you are good.

15. Partly Dyed Curls

Partly Dyed Curls black men hairstyle twist

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If you want to stand out, dying your curly hair can be a great option. Whether you have a long or short curly hair, the blonde color added to the ends of the hair is making a statement recently.

16. Short Patterned Mohawk

Mohawk with a twist. This hairstyle breaks the norm with added patterns on the sides of the shaved head makes a clear statement about you.

17. Grown Out Buzz

This hairstyle can be styled by applying some moisturizers and pomade in the hair.

18. Full Coverage Shave

If you are tired of having to style your hair time and again or is dealing with alopecia, getting everything shaved would be your best option. Not only is this timeless, but also stylish. Just don’t forget to always apply scalp moisturizers to maintain your perfect and shiny head.

19. Faded Undercut

The faded undercut is another awesome way to experiment with your look.

Long Black Men Hairstyles

20. Long Dread Locks

This hairstyle needs time and patience before you achieve it. It requires years of your effort. But once you have it, you are just unbeatable.

21. Twisted Hairstyle

When you are halfway through in growing your hair and you do not want to look all too messy, twisting you hair is the best option. While your hair is still wet, divide it into four and apply pomade. Start twisting small portions of your hair and repeat the process on every division until done.

22. Thick Curly Haircut

If you do not desire to put too much effort in styling your hair. you can leave it thick and curly.

23. Tapered Long Dread Locks

Growing long locks with tapered sides make a good variation of the classic style.

24. Natural Quiff

Natural Quiff hairstyle for black men with long hair

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The natural quiff can be styled with little pomade applied to the quiff to keep its shape.

25. Natural Curls

Natural curls black men haircut 2015

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This easy going hairstyle can be achieved by using conditioner, get and argan oil to your natural curls and styling it with your fingers.

26. Medium-Length Curls

For the shoulder length curly hair, applying some oil to maintain its shine and texture would be perfect.

27. Medium Length Stringy Hairstyle

The medium length string hairstyle can be achieved by applying a small amount of gel to the ends of the hair.

28. Long Twisted Hairstyle

Twisted hairstyle has been seen on some athletes and celebrities. It is easy to style and perfect on any face shape.

29. Long Locks

Longer locks like this are perfect for men who are not afraid to be bold.

30. High Top Dread Locks

This hairstyle is achieved by shaving the sides and back of the hair and leaving the crown with locks that can be tied or left flowing down.

31. Faded Twist

The faded twist is still a trend in many celebs and athletes. It can be achieved by brushing the sides of the hair up and twisting them.

What are you waiting for? Go and run into your nearest hairdresser and get the best haircut you desire. We hope you loved these selected black men haircuts. If you want to see more hairstyles, check out Hairstyle Evolution: The 40 Best Men’s Hairstyles in 40 Years. Don’t forget to share the hairstyle you loved on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Stylish older men's haircuts

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Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts

Stylish older men's haircuts