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Types of Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color

This is the only type of hair color that can dramatically lighten hair. It strips the hair's natural color away and opens the hair's cortex to deposit a completely different color. The vast majority of hair-color kits at the drugstore are permanent colorants. Most use ammonia, which open the hair cortex so it can be colored.

Hair Color For Roots

One of the drawbacks of permanent hair color is that after a few weeks, you're sure to see the telltale signs of your natural or gray roots peeking through. Root coloring products can help stretch how long your permanent hair color lasts.

Non-Permanent Hair Color

Non-permanent hair color falls into two broad categories: Semi-permanent and demi-permanent. Semi-permanent hair color stains the outside of hair with dye that largely washes off after four to 10 shampoos. Demi-permanent hair color is used to match or deepen hair color, and to cover grays. It penetrates the hair's inner cortex (like permanent dye), but it can't lighten hair much. However, it lasts longer than semi-permanent color.

Hair-Highlighting Kits

Home hair-highlighting kits are not for the faint of heart. Highlighting hair is a more difficult and time- consuming process than single-process color, even for professionals. But as long as you're not looking for anything drastic and simply want to brighten up your look, hair-highlighting kits make it possible to do your own highlights at home.

Hair Color For Men

Although most hair color products are aimed at women, you'll find a handful of them specifically for men. Of course, men can also use hair products that are marketed to women. It all comes down to preference.

Is at-home hair coloring as good as professional hair dye?

Hair stylists are likely to say that the best hair color comes from professionals. Although this is true in some cases -- for example, if you're making a radical change in your hair color -- plenty of people have success dyeing their hair at home.

According to experts, the hardest part of coloring your hair might be choosing the color you want. To be safe, they recommend going no more than two or three shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color when dyeing your own hair. Make sure to match your hair color to the chart on the side of the box -- that's a better indicator of the color you'll get than the model pictured on the front of the box. Also, if your hair is severely damaged, professional hair color is your best bet for avoiding more damage. But for everyone else, expert and user feedback says that a drugstore hair coloring kit is a perfectly fine option.

Labels can sometimes be misleading

Hair dye comes in a multitude of shades and strengths, both of which are described in entirely different ways at the salon than they are at the drugstore. For the purposes of this report, we focus on at-home hair color, which comes in three strength levels: semi-permanent (level one), demi-permanent (level two) and permanent (level three).

What's most confusing about drugstore hair colors is that companies do not label their products in a consistent manner. Semi- and demi-permanent products, for example, are often labeled as "non-permanent." But the terms aren't exactly interchangeable, as the two types differ in how they color hair and how long they last.

Finding The Best Hair Color

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Getting good results from at-home hair color is possible if you choose the right product and shade for your needs. We found expert recommendations from professional hair colorists at, and, and professional, head-to-head comparison testing comparing the performance and fade resistance of hair color products from and For opinions on real-world results, we turned to thousands of user reviews on sites like,,, InStyle magazine and We combine feedback from professionals and expert tests with user feedback to come up with our recommendations on the best hair color, the best non-permanent hair color, the best root touch-up and temporary root coverage products, as well as the best hair color products for highlights.

The best hair color is long lasting, vibrant and fade-resistant

According to experts and users, (Est. ) is the top choice among permanent hair color products. Professional hair colorists say this line of home hair color comes in a variety of options (a choice of 38 shades), has clear instructions and top-quality ingredients. Plus, it's great for covering grays.

Thousands of users on sites like, and, where reviewers tend to be highly discerning, say it's easy to use and creates rich, natural-looking color. Several users say it's especially good for emergency touch-ups and offers excellent coverage, even for stubborn grays. The comb applicator is also a hit, and users say that it makes it easier to ensure that the thick, creamy color is evenly distributed throughout your hair for better, more consistent coverage.

There are a few detractors, however, who say that their hair color didn't last as long as expected, with some users reporting dullness and fading within three to five weeks. On the other hand, other users say their color lasts for several months before showing any signs of fading or brassiness. A few users also say they didn't notice a difference in their hair color after using this product, although this is sometimes a result of choosing the wrong shade.

Editors at name (Est. for three) one of the two best hair color products for blonde hair. Editors say that most of the hair color products they tested for blondes produced mediocre results, but Clairol Nice ‘n Easy stood out for its excellent fade resistance and shine retention -- and it's also great for covering gray hair. On the downside, they note that it has a strong chemical smell. Clairol Nice ‘n Easy also earns accolades from InStyle magazine's editors, who named it the best single-process color in their 2016 Best Beauty Buys awards.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, which comes in a choice of 47 shades, also earns mostly positive feedback from thousands of users across sites like,, and Unlike L'Oreal Excellence Crème, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy has a thinner, liquid-like consistency that can drip and become a bit messy while trying to work it through your hair. Users echo testers at, pointing out this product's strong ammonia smell, and a few say that it irritated their scalp. Overall, though, most users love the multi-dimensional, natural-looking color they get with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy.

Another popular option, particularly if you prefer a creamier texture to work with, is (Est. ), which comes in 50 different shades, including two with built-in highlights, and gets nods from professional hair colorists at both and Users at and are pleased with this hair color as well, with hundreds of reviewers contributing to high ratings on both sites. Reviewers say it's easy to use and creates a rich, natural-looking color. Several users say it lasts longer and has a more pleasant scent than most permanent hair color.

If you don't mind spending a bit more and find the liquid and cream hair color formulations difficult to work with, you might consider (Est. ), which has a thick foam consistency designed to penetrate hair strands and spread easily to the roots and other hard-to-reach areas for consistent, non-patchy coverage.

Reviewers at and give John John Frieda Precision Foam Colour high ratings, noting that it's easy to apply and mess- and drip-free while it develops, leaving shiny, healthy hair with rich color. Professional hair colorists recommend John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, too, noting the foam formula's quick application. Professionals suggest applying it to the roots for 15 minutes, then pulling the color through to the ends for 10 minutes. It comes in 20 shades.

Hair color for roots helps your hair color last longer

To keep growing roots from spoiling the look of your hair color prematurely, (Est. for two) gets great reviews from experts and users alike. It's earned the top spot for two years in a row in InStyle magazine's annual Best Beauty Buys roundup as the best root touch-up product. Professional hair colorists tell that Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up is a "reliable standby" for those hectic times when it's difficult to make it to the salon, and professionals praise it in a review for for its easy application.

Users couldn't agree more: Nice 'n Easy is by far the favorite root touch-up kit at, and Hundreds of reviewers rave about it, noting that the results are indistinguishable from salon hair color treatments. Most reviewers say they touch up their roots with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up every two to three weeks, which extends the time between expensive salon visits. Because it takes just ten minutes, it's easy to fit a root touch-up into a busy schedule, and it works for covering up stubborn grays, as well.

The touch-up kit is available in 22 shades that blend in seamlessly with your base shade, according to users. Clairol also provides an online tool that helps you match Root Touch-Up shades to those of leading brands.

Another option is the (Est. ), which comes in nine shades and, like Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-Up, takes just ten minutes. It doesn't have the same volume of reviews as the top-rated Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, but it does earn a good overall rating from hundreds of users at Praise isn't as consistent for this root touch-up kit, though, with some reviewers saying the color didn't match their hair color well, and others complaining that there's not enough product in the kit to completely cover their roots. Most reviewers, however, say it's easy to apply, covers most grays, and that the color lasts for a few weeks, making it ideal for a quick touch-up between salon visits.

Most experts warn that color-processed hair picks up new color faster than natural hair. It's important to apply new color directly to your roots only. To blend and boost the color of the rest of your hair, comb the color through to the ends a few minutes before rinsing.


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Modern girls images for dp

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Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp

Modern girls images for dp